Sunday, April 11, 2010 it really ...

finish the sentence with your own. I won't take part away from you.

Today it started out great. I insisted that my dh and I talk a little. My dh and I declared that we would try spending more time together. Either through television, movie, or wii games. Though I like the compentition between us when we play the wii. It is fun, loving, and no meanness.

Then on the way to the ball game. BTW..DBAcks stomped the pirates today in the 4th inning. He chasitised me in from of our kids for reading books with a vampire theme. What the ??? I know he doesn't like most paranormal things but he really seemed to enjoy Trublood. Yet, he acts more like a vampire than human sometimes. Yet, I keep my mouth shut when I think he is doing something I don't like. For instance a video game series for the computer or depressing books about the end of the world (yucko, me making a girlie yucko face). He said, "They can't be good for you." Well, can reading about the end of the world be healthy for you either. Instead of reading about it, why not have emergancy kits with food, water, and money prepared instead or better yet invent a new solar paneling that is recycable and moveable to lower our bills a little or how about a way to purify our tap water. Since our water company does not come close to providing drinkable water.

This is why I firmly believe that the only vampires or wereanimals in the world are humans due to our ability to destory another human being by words or physical abuse.

Guess what? They, the books, actually make me feel better about being broke, not being able to find a paying job, of the fact that my DH is total dunce about himself and his inability to admit that I know him better than he knows himself. He thinks and states that I can't understand the fear, panic, and anxiety he has right now being the only bread winner in the house. He thinks he keeps his voice calm, and his deep breaths in the car before entering the house to make control of emotions that I can not sense. He is only lying to himself. When you are truly tuned into your mate, spouse, etc, then you will be able to sense these things without thought or effort.

Boy, if any of these could be described as a scent how about a skunk smell that makes you want to run and take a bath in tomato sauce or juice. Maybe, that's why he hates tomatos. They remove that part of the smell of the emotions off of his skin or breath. Okay, made myself laugh a little, at the thought of watching him use tomato juice to rid himself of those emotions had me tickled pink. I love you honey. Get a grip. They are my mini vacation without having to leave my house, without spending a fortune in gas and food at a park, and most of all I already paid for the book through my tax dollars at my local library. I can not express enough of my gratitude towards my libary system that gets a descent selection of books to read.

Enough my day Sunday. How was yours? Did you see I got another book read.

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