Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its Thursday...

a good day to hit the back yard for some de-weeding. After a few days of feeling funny, having to take 1 1/2-3 hour naps in order to make through the day, it was delightful to make it to 8:45 am with a feeling of needing to lay down.

I felt a weird pull to say this over in my head while, I de-weeded my backyard; "As I pull this weed, so, may my life be the same way. All weeds clogging my path be removed, knowledge and enlightment be put into it's place. My I find the answers I seek. My I be a blessing to all those around me, not a hinderance. My they see the beauty that shines within me not the outside."

I know so strange. I feel better now that I have de-weed my yard and life to a degree. NO, I don't need a freaking mental institution, I just need the love of my family and friends, I will be fine.

Time for a shower for me. Phewie, do I stink.

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