Thursday, April 22, 2010

The glaring clock reads 3:30 am....

What? Why am I awake at this time? A silent groan, a rub on DH's head to make sure I am not dreaming. Nope it really is 3:30 am the second time I woke up. Crap, I'm tired but I can't sleep. Finally Dh rolls over and holds me, I eventually dose back off to sleep. I should have gotten up, worked on the hair bows for the kids, finished my second layout for songbird avenue, started some laundry, and watched the rest of Nurse Jackie season 1 uninturpted. Did I no? Why? I am exhaugsted. EVen my DH after over 10 hours of sleep said he was exhaugsted too.

Let me tell you, the bright blue skies of the desert have literred with dark grey clouds, with a temperature drop down into the low 60's bordering on the upper 50's with in a 24 hour period before of close to 90 degree weather with clear skies. Talk about screwing with your sinus in a bad way. Everyone here is sneezing, running nose, and no fever. Yuck, I have sudden changes in the weather.

Today DH and I are suppose to take a lunch breakd from house cleaning and his programming to have a date. Don't go getting your hopes of smachy fancy place because we can not afford it. Try McDonald's, Taco Bell or sonic for our date. Yes, folks that is our choices. Since, everything is affected by the economy, so, is our date. Normally, we would just pack a lunch for the park to safe money but we ran out of lunch meat. Park of breakfast is toast with peanut butter on it. So, we really don't want to repeat of breakfast.

Are you remembering to light a candle for mama k? Did you remember to place your vote for me today at the blog interview? Can't remember the link then here it is below.

Just remember I want to place in the top 15 blogs if possible. You can place a new vote every 24 hours.


Today clean my vechile
cook dinner
start birthday sign for a teacher


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