Friday, April 16, 2010

Vampire Kisses The Coffin Club

Raven, Alexander, Jameson, Aunt Libby, Becky, and Matt are all back for more unknown adventure for some and known for others.
Raven, Becky, and Matt finish up their sophmore year of highschool. Becky and Matt head off to enjoy their summer. Ravem misses Alexander temidiously, she heads to Hipsterville, TX to find her true love and to find out the Maxwells that have been trying to break up their relationship..
Let's just say, she finds Alexander, Jagger Maxwell, new friends Onyx and Scarlet, crop circles, and club within a club.
I love how Raven grapples with her secrets she is keeping from Alexander, her family, and friends. I love how the author ends the book. Its totally awesome. I can't wait for the book 6 in this series. Hopefully some things will get resolved for Raven and Alexander about their relationship.


Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting. Is this a YA read?

Stephanie G

mean mom productions said...

Yes, this is a YA series. Its actually really good. SHe has other books out but I haven't read them yet.