Saturday, April 17, 2010

Candle for Mama K

I'm am going to ask my readers to do something for the next 90 days. I have a friend that I think of as a mom to me. Her brother and her helped me when I had no one. I mean no one to help or guide me. I was totally relying on the spirit. I got back in touch with her after being out of touch due to our move two years ago. I discovered that her life was far worse than mine. Yet, I am thousands of miles away with no way of getting back to be by her side. You see Mama K has a disease that should have killed 25 years ago but it didn't. She lived past what the doctor's told her was her life expiration date. This is what I call, the news that doctor's give that say you have only x amount of time to live. A miracle has occured in her life already. Though she is fighting the last stages of the disease with all her might they say it doesn't look good for her fight.
I ask that the next 90 days you light a candle for her once a day. Let burn for awhile. Say a prayer that either she fights this long and hard or that if it is her time to return to the heavens, then let it be peaceful, tranquil, and that there is no suffering for her.
This afternoon I have been in throws of breaking down over this. I know that everyone must at sometime pass back to the heavens and its a good thing when it does but for those of us left behind it is still hard and heavy hearted for us to accept. Though when it is your time Mama K the heavens will rejoice and the birds with sing with pride and joy for your return. You are my angel already. One that I have numerous times wrapped my arms around to find strength in hard times, and shed tears with in times of joy and sorrow. I wish I could be there holding your hand and supporting you in this. This my way of doing that for Mama K.
I love you Mama K!!!!