Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday...I have turned into a ...

turkey myself from eatting all the good food yesterday.

OKay, thank you to my congraters...

Today cleaning and putting up the christmas trea and other decorations.
Next week paint inside and clean the vechiles it out..

Yes, I finished the big project for songbird avenue. I'm waiting to here back from either Meredith or Jan to see what they think of it. OMG, am I such a tease about this our what. Okay, so, I am being such a tease sorta like a an older silbing that knows what the younger silbing is getting at Christmas but totally misleads the other just to get a good rile out that person.

I am so proud of myself. Not only did I complete my holiday in hands class assignment but I also completed my requirment for songbird avenue. Let's see if I can get my assignments completed for Design by anita this month..I may need an excused absent from her due to company coming into town.

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