Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend where did you go?

Seriously, Sunday already?
Geez, people catch that clock with wings and makes sure it can't fly anymore.

Okay last night was really relaxing and quiet, after a day full of activities.
10 am- Soccer game-youngest kid earns first badge like in girl scouts but for soccer totally cool
11 am Scouts field trip-oldest one is gone for three hours and gets a badge at a trade table
11:30-buy youngest a pair of clitches that match a school buddies and soccer mate
11:45-out to eat at youngest's favorite resturant because the youngest doesn't get to do the cool scouts thing yet. Still working on get youngest in scout troop.
12:30-home play wii with youngest work on february layout for Jen M's challenge on two peas
2:40 pm leave to pick up said oldest from field...btw we wait an hour because the field doesn't actual end and leave other location until 3:10 pm
3:10 pm-Dh goes up a mini mountain geocaching while we wait for oldest to arrive
3:30 pm-oldest drops the lunch we sent soda can busts with soda leaking all over ground..quickly find garabage and throw away.
4:00 pm come home more wii and scrapbooking..doing dishes and laundry

ooops lost in the zone..

kids:"Where hungery?"
me: "its just 5:00 pm"
kids: "mom look at the clock you goof"
me: "I guess I do need to cook uh?"

6:30 pm sandwiches and chips ...something simple and easy I'm beat.
6:30-10:30 pm read the book Fallen, my oldest lay beside me blowing through her two books, the youngest fell asleep in the tent/cave that was made on the bed. Woke up to go potty. Refused to get back in bed with pillow and a blanket went to sleep on the floor.
2 am...Dh is still up but headed to bed
5:30 am automatic wake up call for me..I want to sleep..
so here I am an hour later being zany on the blog..

enough said..

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Katherine said...

LOL - Sam, and I thought MY day was hectic ... hope you can sleep tonight.