Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whiplash recovery day 1

After the last three days of not beings able to move due to extreme pain from serve whiplash of the neck and back not muscle cramps. I am happy to report that some rotation of movement is being returned from yesterdays treatment of medications and chiropractor adjustment. I have also discovered trying to drive my kids to school and back is irriating the condition. So, I will be walking them to and from school from now. I know my DH isn't happy about that. Yet, I am not going to give myself more pain just to make a 5 minute trip by car when a 15 minute walk would do all of us good.

I am very saddened that I can't train for a 10k or do my outdoor class with my friends. I have a hard time sitting at the computer to do anything for a long period of time. The only benefit to this is catching up on my reading. So, you will be seeing more book reviews than creative stuff in the next month. Sorry, my fellow followers but this is the case. Just bear with me as I recover.

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Claire said...

Oh man, that sounds tough! I hope you're feeling better soon!