Monday, February 22, 2010

My package from Jo Lynne

I went to the mailbox yesterday. I discovered a surprise for me in the package unit. My friend Jo Lynne Valerie sent me her thank you coffee package. Hmmm..yummy.

Here is a picture of the goodie bag. She even included a bag of valentine chocolate.
yummy, I love it.

Thanks Jo Lynne. My oldest says, thank you for the french vanilla hot cocoa. I have to say the tuarmasui was to die for.

On another note, I have threatened to cancel my anniversry with my Dh this year. If I can't sleep in my bed undisturbed for at least 5 nights. I have also threatened to take a way other privileges of his if he does not get more respectful. After having the flu, and having my head repeated yanked back with great pain by kids in their sleep, I have server neck and back pain. Tonight was the first night that I was actually sleeping peacefully and joyfully with out pain. He brings the kids back into the bed. The first thing they is literarily hit the area of my neck and back that sends me out of the bed in pain again.

Getting into see a new doctor right now is impossible, one I dont' have our new insurance cards, and two theire is a 4-6 waiting period for new patients. If this doesn't clear up, I'm headed to the emergancy. i can't take this any more.

Doctor says serve whiplash of the neck and back with adjustments with a chiropractor for the next three weeks.

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ellemae07 said...

Hoping your feeling better! Your blog is great :)