Monday, February 15, 2010

Moon Called by Patrica Briggs Book Review

This is the beginning of the book series of Mercy Thompson which I love. I mean as in down the books like an alcoholic or drug addict downs their choice of poison. Seriously, well written. She also has another series call Alpha and Omega which the first two books of this series and Mercy Thompson answer so many questions of the books in the future.
If you are looking for a character with awesome view of life, faith, and love. This is it. Mercy Thompson reminds of myself sometimes. The independent strong, fragile, and hates being told no or being treated than the lesser being in the room. I almost want to say, that she is an omega being with what happens when Sammuel and Adam fight over her or should i say flirt with her in front of each other. Though I don't have perfectly flat 12 pack abs, and no tatoos. Tatoos are to permentally remind you of something. My Dh told me that if something unspeakable happened to any of us he may get tatoo as a memorial to any of us. Touching I know..give me a kleenex to catch my tears and snout. Now, before you go off on tatoos. Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife got a tatoo in memory about their little girl that died accidentally.
Though, her personality is something I can totally relate too.
Why would I say, something about faith when this is a paranormal book. Mercy Thompson believes in God, and faith. That its not about the imagery but of the faith in one's heart. Most, paranormal books don't address this. Thank You Patricia for doing that.
Definitely would say read this book. Its awesome!
Psst patricia..I'd love a Mercy's Garage t-shirt. Seriously, would love one for free. They rock out. Now, for a new pair of jeans..which is not happening in today's economy even though both of mine are out of comession which is a story for another time.

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