Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday oh wednesday

Thank goodness its hump day already. Usually I say put the brakes on time to give us more time. Yet, the way this week is going I'm so happy that we are going to have Wednesday today or should I say in the morning. Since technically its still Tuesday I sit a dimly lighted kitchen so I can calm down my kids and get them to bed.

Okay, so, everyone knows or will know that have had sick kids since Friday and Saturday. One has a double ear infection, the other a cold from H-e-l-l. So, the doctor said to send them back to school today. They had a three day weekend, so, there was no need for a doctor's excuse for attendance.

I pick my kids up to find my oldest in full blown break allergic reaction to something. Well, we have the oldest doped up, and the younger one doped up resting on seperate couches with the television shows. They are too tired to concentrate on homework. It will be an early wake up time for them. This with DH working late at a customer site, again.

Today this is my schedule:
clean the kitchen and mop floors -done
laundry, start and a dump on my mb floor to be sorted later-started
sort through old paperwork, keep and scan or trash
scan picture of DH and me
start designing album for to be sent off for printing before the end of February.
Scan entertainment article and doctor excuses for attendance office
Make Potato Soup for dinner
check for my ct assignments. -done
volunteer at school-done
library run (did I mention this a every days event with lots of stuff in hand)-done

Thank you to all that have commented either on my blog or at two peas in a bucket on she loves me layout.

Thanks for reading.

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Casey Wright said...

I think your list is definitley longer than mine today - good luck!