Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chore Bucks and chore Charts

Okay if you are like me, you try to raise your kids to be responsible and trustworthy, get them ready for what having a job is going to be like by having chores, including an allowance which another term for paycheck.

Though with tough economic times, its hard to always have cash on hand to pay said allowance. So, this is a solution that is awesome. Pretend chore bucks, I have a downloadable file I can email to you if you are interested in trying it in your home. Instead of handing out cash on a weekly you had out the chore bucks. They have the right to keep it to have cash paid later, turn it in for a 2 litter of soda of their choosing, a box of movie candy at the local store, or a redbox movie. If they save it and get cash, then they must have a percentage paid to a savings account, a percentage to charity, and a percentage to their wallets for spending. A rule of thumb is 10% for said doing. I also have started saying you want that name brand item save your chore bucks. Seriously, it has helped curved the I wannas in my house.

I have sparked your interest. email you will receive an email back with a chore chart and chore bucks that will be in jpg form.

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