Friday, May 20, 2011

Awakened by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

Picture from Zoey has put together her soul and saved her warrior from the otherworld. Now, she has to face the real world and how to get good and evil back in the right balance again.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the story. I have quoted them from the pages.

p. 17

Sgiach laughed. "Science often feels more mysterious than magick, or at least I have always thought so."


"Not because of you,Z. I've been hurt because that's what Darkness does,-it tries to destroy those of us who fight for Light."


"Darkness is territorial, possessive. Once it's had a piece of you, it doesn't like to let go."

"Darkness doesn't have any choice if you choose the path of the Goddess, and you have. It can't beat Light."

"But I'm not sure Light can ever really beat Darkness, either. There's a balance to things, Z.

p. 137

"You know what, Erik? All I'm gonna say to you is this: Evil wins when good folks do nothing," Stevie Ray said.


"Because there is no old magick left here!" Sgiach said, almost shouting in frustration.

"Out there inthe aht world of yours, the mystical, wonderful magick of old, where the black bull was revered along with the Goddess, where the balance of male and female was respected, and where event the rocks and trees had souls, had names, has been destroyed by civilization and intolerance, and forgetfulness. People today, vampyres and humans alike, believe the earth is just a dead thing that they live on-that is somehow wrong or evil or barbaric to listen to the voices of the souls of the world, and sothe heart and the nobility of an entire way of life dried up and withered away..."


"Aye, remembers a time when honor meant more than self, and loyalty wasnae an option or an after thought," Seoras said solemnly.


It's a friend's job to love you , too, if they're real friends." Mama Johnson paused...


"I don't think High Preistessess are supposed to make mistakes."

"Of course they are. How else would they learn and grow? "

"It is wise woman who recognizes that." "It is one of the key differences between you and your mother."

P. 218

Do Not forget this feeling, the Goddess's voice sang through my mind. A tru High Priestess is humble as well as proud, and never forgets the responsibility that being a leader entails.


My son, there is no need to get over Jack. Remember him, and rejoice in the brief, beautiful love you shared. Choosing to do so does not mean forgetting or getting over, it means healing.


Zoey said, "Sometimes nothing and your friends equals a whole lot of something."


Under normal circumstances that is the way of things. But the world today is not normal, nor are our circumstances.


"magick of the oldest kind. it is rarely present in the modern world; it does not suffer civilization well."


What was the old saying? If it has tires or testicles, its gonna give you problems.

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