Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day Weekend Puke and Pizza

First off, I am not dead not in the hospital. I have been way over stressed out in the last month and half.

It has been super crazy from soccer games, to troubles at the school with my kids, to multiple teacher/parent confrences, a survival plan for my kids until the end of the year, extreme couponing strageties put to use, and getting more product into the shop to sell.

Did I mention the crazy work schedule I have to maintain to help DH get to and from work again. Oh, yes meaning I had to stay up late to get him out the door on time, get little sleep as possible for myself, still get the kids to their activities, work at my job with other peoples' kids, and do all the mundane stuff a stay at home parent has to do to have a functing household.

Yikes, that would make most people runaway and start life over again right?

Nope, not me! I tackle it like the leader of the greek move 300. Going down until it kills me right. NOPE!

I have no instituted massive chores for my kids to do, I holler orders at my DH for help when I get overwhelmed, and refuse to do things when I know I am to exhaugsted to do them.

I am re-establishing contact with friends that we have not seen in months, and repair damage to our family's self-confidence due to some serious bullying problems that did come out until the end of the year, and trying not to sweat the small stuff as the book puts it so nicely. Not an easy task to do.

My Dh tried to do something nice for us. A short trip up to the Prescott metro area. On the way, there one of my kids puked all over my nice new van. You know the one I posted a year and half ago. Oh, yes that nice new van. He deseperately searched and found a car wash with a high water pressure house to scrub clean the puked on matts, and outside of the van. He even vaccumed my said van out removing in missed puked piles from removing nasty matts. Yes, we missed a spot. Then it was off to get new set of pants for my poor kiddo who lost the entire breakfast treat. Then off to find a friend/co-workers car show in the middle of B.F.E. Guess who didn't bring the GPS for added assistance, already frustrated and fuming DH. We finally found said car show. Had fun, with more than even comments of my stomach hurts and I need drink from the peanut gallery. We left to go eat at Bill's Pizza Place on the square. No close parking places to be able to stay and eat. All parking availabale indicate a 30 minute walk with all grumpy family members. My DH turned the puke van around, stopped at two stores not finding what we needed. We headed back down the mountain home. We did finally stop for pizza an hour later at Streets of New York! Yummy. By that time, all was better expect for the smell in my van. Arizona heat and puke smell do not go hand in hand. We stopped for some special vechile cleaner. I got to scrub the carpets under the matts, the seats, doors to remove any remaining missed dried puke and did I forget to mention the LaLa Yogart Smoothie that the kids sprayed all over the back of the van. No, rule no drinks but water allowed in Mommy's van! I know I am so mean! Proud to be it. They are not having to clean up the crap. I am. I have to make my honda last at least 10 years folks. so, excuse me I don't want it destroyed in two the entire that is.

No back to this weekend. Once we got home from our little trip. My dh was complaining about our struggle to coupon and use extreme coupon strageties. Well, one look in the freezer and cabinets just about shut him up. He couldn't beleive the deals we got. He played video games, the kids watched movies, and I worked on the newest line for the store. Educational pdf files for boosting reading comprehension and writing skills.

I am sick of paying for over priced items that in general only cover parts of what my kids need to hold their skills up over the summer. My kids don't like a lot of the material they find it boring. So, I am getting creative with kids. You my followers benefit by me posting affordable pdf files for you to download for a small fee at the site. It's not there yet. Waiting for approval of several teachers that I know to check for mistakes. All I ask is that since its a low price, please promote it on your twitter, facebook, and blog, so, others can get it too. If there is so book, you need done let me know. I will love to do it.

Extreme couponing is great but it has to be a family lifestyle. Seriously, even my kids are telling their dad to stop complaining and help. Help as in do the research for the sales, print out the list of what is on sale and we will match the items to our coupon stash. No shame in saving money. Will he do it? Hell NO!! We are not embrassed to say we coupon. Heck some of our summer outtings are pre-shopping trips to double check regular prices and sale prices before actual shopping. Let start a seperate post about this because there are somethings I need to say about it.

So. its Sunday Morning I have been awake since 5:30 am with a sinus headache. I have caught all the blogs up and will be starting the twitter stuff for the store.

On a serious note:

THANK YOU TO ALL THE SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN that serve our country. To their families we can't do it without your sacrifice. Thank you!

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