Thursday, January 6, 2011

where did I go?

Hi Erica,

I am still around. I just have a computer that is like finky eatter. I have to go to the library to post anything on this blog anymore. So, I usually load up the draft forum with stuff. Then I drive my happy self over to the library to post my stuff.

You can follow the shop blog as well. That let's me post type but not pictures from home.

Dh is currently trying to find away to get me a new computer. Times are really tight since i haven't found a part time job any where for two years. He doesn't mind. He knows its hard right now. Though, the extra cash would be helpful at times. Those times would be said last two months for us, we have five trips to an emergancy clinic. Can I say, its been a hair pulling frustrating.

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Erica in Ohio said...

Glad to know you are Ok. I am a busy bee here, just a few months away from graduating and then hopefully moving from Ohio to MAryland..... if I can find a job!