Saturday, December 6, 2008

Left my classroom .....

crying yesterday. After two days of total complete chaos, I left crying. It just wasn't one thing that had me in tears. It was several things that just sent me over the edge.

I had several children that would not sleep at all. I had several that decided that they would get off their cots. One of the several jumped on a sleeping child's cot and woke that child up. Then they decided that they could talk ugly and disrespectful to me. Not to mention, the fact my "new" teacher use to teach in this room but isn't showing enough heart to make the kids mind wasn't helping. The kids started laughing at me when they saw me cry. They got even ruder and uglier which didn't help.

Not to mention one of my little sweet hearts, got really sick yesterday. This sweet heart could not eat or drink. I was very worried about this child greatly. I have a few children who really never act up. This one is one of the ones that never acts up.

My director went back there to deal with the room. I have never left a room crying in my life. I can promise you that it won't happen again. Come Monday, life will be unpleasant in my room until these homemade gifts get made for their parents and their work is done.

I will be contacting my director this weekend to see if I can come in early this week again so i can get a jump on activities. I don't this she will mind a bit. I just don't understand why they went crazy the last two days. Its not like them. We have a schedule and were keeping to it.

Not to mention my oldest child is under stress. Its causing change in this child's behavior due to a class assignment. I have tried to help find a less stressful thing to study since I can't get the child out of the assignment. Any alternative still makes this child uncomfortable, withdraw, not sleeping, and in shock over all by what the others and teacher are discussing. I will be dealing with the teacher to find out the purpose of this assignment for a second grader. The current assignment as I understand it, is to watch the world news on "bad" things and report on it. What they discussed so far is causing my child horrible nightmares and begging not to go to school anymore. The teacher she has is a tough one. None of the other parents feel comfortable confronting her in fear of having it harder on their kids. Now, I have to do something. I am tired of seeing her in agony. What second grade class discusses the "killings", "war", "death squads" etc. Second graders can't comprehend the total affect this has on them or the world around them. No we can't protect our child but there is a reason why they say the news is for mature adult audiences. Kids under the age of 14-15 can't and shouldn't be watching the news.

Plus a friend's family members are very ill right now. Some are in the hospital or just released from the hospital.

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