Monday, December 8, 2008

A chat with my new teacher....

Okay, after contacting my director over the weekend. I chatted with my new teacher. I really want my old teacher back in the room. This new one is driving me crazy. I did all the foot prints for the hand/feet print reindeer for keepsakes. Did she help? No. did she offer to wipe the paint off the kids feet and put their socks/shoes back on. Nope.

At least she kept the kids in line today. She at least gave out yellow and red lights. she attached stuff the daily reports that go home. Though she could have traced their hands for the other reindeer projects. Nope..propped her feet up not jumping in to help out.

The small improvement helped but it is not enough. I should not have to tell my director that the activities for the afternoon teachers to do. I should be able to leave a note w/ materials and know that it will get done. Unfortunately, I do.

Thank goodness the mandatory staff meeting is this Thursday. At least my director will let me have a say so about stuff. She has my back on the issues that are bugging. Thanks director you are the best!

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