Sunday, December 28, 2008

NhL Coyotes vs Kings Warm Up

Okay here is a cell phone photo of our favorite goalie on the team, Telleqvist. We got excited to see him back on the ice after an injury to his foot. This is during warm up.

After watching disappointedly at the game to a close out where we lost to the kings o to 4.

I found out that one of the reasons they did not put tellqvist in was due to the special helment the other goalie was wearing. Supposedly they are going to auction it off after the holidays to help support a charity. I am all for supporting charties. Expect when your team is losing you put in another goalie that would help win the game folks.

Plus, the team played more like baseball game instead of a hockey game. Why I don't know. The game started off with a fight between players. No biggie just made younger child happier than eatting pickles to see it live. Then its like they got "sucker punched" with the first goal of the kings and couldn't get their moment back for the game (that would be my dh describing the loss).

Then I am in the gift shop. My dh is going to let me get a another fan shirt but this time long sleeve. Expect the shirt is on the top rack. I look directly at an employee of the coyotes for some help. They walk again. Grrrr....No shirt for me because my dh is at the check out counter hollering its time for me to get it in gear. Do you know how often my dh lets me get a $40.00 shirt out of a fan shop? If your answer was almost never are correct. Sorry no million dollar prize here maybe a quarter sitting on the front seat of my vechile.

I don't think I was be so upset about the loss if the the employees of the store would not have been so rude to me. Oh, well ...maybe the next game we go to my dh will let me get my shirt.

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Creative Junkie said...

You know, I think I've only been to one or two hockey games, and that was back in my college days. I remember thinking they were pretty exciting but I also remember being stunned at the ferocity of some of the fights on the ice! Holy cow!