Thursday, October 23, 2008

Follow Up Conversation with the Doctor

Okay, I got mad enough to call the clinic back that I went to for treatment. I talked with the person in appointments. She was very nice. She said that she would either have the doctor or the clinic manager give me a call back with an explaination as to why I didn't get the shot I had originally came in for. So, 15 minuters later, I received a phone call from the doctor who treated me himself.

He said I was still wheezing when he checked me. I said it would have been nice to know that information before leaving. I didn't feel like I was wheezing. I wasn't tight in the chest or short of breath for me. Is there any thing else we can do for the wheezing besides the treatment I am on already or change the course of treatment. He said no. He said its probably time for a specialitist. I said, "why would I go to a specialist for something I have lived with all my life for the nasal congestion and occassional wheezing from infections. When the only thing you can do is keep the house vaccumed frequently and dusted as well." He said,"You may be able to find some medicine to take regularly to help control it." Are you insane? Are you listening to me? I already know how to treat it on a daily basis. What would a specialitst for ears nose and throat or allergy/asthama do for me? Other than what we are doing now? Can you tell now? No answer. He just wanted me to call them back to find out if I still wanted a shot or a referral. So, after discussion with my dh, I am calling the clinic back for the shot with a back up plan of visiting another doctor for a second opinion here in town. She sees our children and sees adults as well. Before I go to see a specialist, I want to be sure that I really need a specialist.

What is up with this doctor? This is why I dispise going to the doctor. Most doctors are like this. They don't listen to the patient at all. They only think they are gods because they have a degree saying they have the training to treat you. There is more to medicine than earning a degree. Trust me. I have meet and worked with a famous doctor before. He even told his medical students that there is more to medicine than diagnosis but the heart of the matter. He even stated that doctors whither in training or experienced in years of practicing need to be open to try alternative methods for caring for their patients. This doctor has my trust for sure.

So, frustrating.....

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