Thursday, November 20, 2008

November to Remember..

I thought that the start of the new year would be hard. Ugh, this November is starting to measure up to just as hard.

Okay, the full moon week is over finally. Thank goodness, I think my students and my own kiddos were about sick of the full moon. So, the life with kids have settled down again. See my smile to that.

The dealings of working for a school that is corporate dictated; headache for not just my directors but the teachers as well. We lost two teachers this week. They were let go because of the corporate headquarters not making more money per child's head per month. When running a school its not about making money folks its providing enough staff per student ratio, and making sure the kids have plenty to do. I am very disappointed to loose one teacher because we had begun to finally make a good teaching team. The room finally was flowing a classroom needs to flow.
Hopefully she will remember to stop by and pick up her packet of information I will be leaving for her tomorrow.

On top of it all, we have been having flu shot appointments, a trip to the emergancy room due to silbing rivalry, the race is a week from today, and I am happy to say hopefully we can make the hockey game next friday. I haven't seen a live hockey game since I was a kid.

Now, the count down for going home for christmas is on..what a lot of work I have to tackle.

got plans, have had some seriously bad times yourself, or just down and out due the season..shout out in the comments section of this blog. I'd love to hear yourside.

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