Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Creative Dh

Okay, my dh claims he has no creativity running through his blood. I have to say different when it comes to christmas decorating. When we had a wonderful hugh house he would decorate it from head to toe with decorations. He would only ask for assistance if something was just not hitting him right. This year we are are renting. The space is so much smaller than we are use to. So we made a decision not to decorate as much as we had in the past. Plus, a hugh tree just would not fit in our living area.

My dh went to target. He got a prelit tree a very nice small one. He went searching for a tree topper that would not make our little joy of the season fall over. He got discouraged until he found this really cool three dimesional red star made out of metal. He said he just couldn't figure out how to make it "stay" in place as a tree topper. I said to him just use the extra long piece usually for a angle but bend it through the ornament and it will stay in place. We tried it on the store display tree first. It rocked. We put up the tree Saturday evening. It rocked again.

When it comes to christmas my dh is wonderfully creative. Here's to you honey. You rock dude!

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Stefanie Eskander said...

You should post a picture of your fabulous tree... I'd love to see it!