Sunday, November 30, 2008

NHL Coyotes Goalie....

Mikael Tellqvist #32 ..he does such a good job protecting the goal. Dh and I got to see him live this past saturday. He kept the other team from scoring a goal 37 times. I have to say this much if the coyotes get rid of him they will be loosing a really good player.

Even last night, they tried to give a break but the Sharks were a good team. So, they put Tellqvist back in. I thought it was a good call.

Now, if the coyotes could play like they did last night but win a a little more. They could raise their NHL numbers. They don't play bad but its a contact sport. Come are suppose to get a little rough. You need to protect yoru goal a little more. Give your goalie a little bit of a break.

Now everyone leave a howling comment if you like nhl. I don't care if you don't root for the coyotes or if you do.

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suzeyq said...

go Sabres! I love hockey!