Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Disappointed and Pleased at the same time

Currently, I am very disappointed. After moving to a new state, I applied for a substitue position with a school district. Unfortunately, the school district will not grant an emergancy substitute certificate because I do not have a bachlor's degree. I was looking forward to the flexibility of a substitue schedule with kids. Now, I am facing looking into a more structed schedule that is not flexible. What's so funny is that the department of education told me its up to the school district to grant the emergacy status. So, apparently, they don't have a need for substitutes as first was the impression was given.

I am please that I have had six downloads for my first offical kit that was released. Thank you to Patty Cake and ahh for your comment on the 4 share comment section. It made my day much nicer. If you have any questions regarding the kit feel free to email me at the email address above in the blog.

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