Monday, August 11, 2008

New Camera and Product Review

Okay so my husband broke down this weekend, in a finanical sense not a mental one. He finally found an affordable digital point and shoot camera. Okay, I was excited about getting a new digital camera because the one we have had for at least four years needs to be retired before it literaly dies in the middle of an important event.

He bought the Olympus FE-310. I have to say, it was easier to learn how to use than or older one. Its image stablization feature totally rocks. If the picture taker or the object of the picture is moving around it stabilize it beautifully. Not bad shutter time either. Its zoom makes the mazda commerical look wimpy. Grant it, I went from 3 x zoon to 5 x zoom. It still rocks.

I won't lie that originally we were looking at an srl/dsrl (sp?) camera which would make me look like a pro but the learning curve and portability was an issue. Though looking at those models still makes my mouth water like a water fall. Sweet equipment but not what we needed for a family on the go with lots of functions to attend.

So, if you are looking for a new digital camera, I highly recommend this baby. Yes, its the new "baby" in our family.. OOOieeeeee

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jasjawillis said...

That's great that you like your new camera so much. I know that you were wanting one! Congrats on your new "baby"!