Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, I have to find out from other people if they get a good response with rsvp on an invitation. During this party preparation week, we have looking for and receiving a minuimal amount of rsvps. Grant it one of the invitations had the wrong phone number on it, however, there was an alternative means of contact listed that was correct.

Question, do you still rsvp? If not why or if so why?

I am little confused by the lack of response by people to rsvp by a deadline.
So, let me know what the new social rule is concerning this. I really need to know.


purplecrazymum said...

I wish I knew, too!!

I think the last party we had, we got 8 rsvps, five of which were the night before the party.. grr..

mean mom productions said...

Thanks for replying. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't over reacting to the lack of response. So, its just something in our social graces we have started slacking in.