Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DHD Designer and Songbird Avenue

Okay, I am so terrible with secrets. Seriously, unnless I am planning it, I can't keep it. I totally surprised my DH one christmas because the school I worked at had antique vintage pictures thing come in and we totally surprised him at christmas with those photos of the kiddos and I.

So, here is a the scoop, a dhd desinger (http://www.designhousedigital.com/) and songbird avenue (http://www.songbirdavenue.com/) have come together to design a kit for charity for the month of August. The designer is what we call a guest designer. They pick the charity. BTW, it totally rocks this month. They set the tone of the kit. All designerscollaborate on the kit by designing tib bits for a massive collection of style. I'm not talking the madonna vogue people. I talking truly great style.

Keep posted because next Thursday before I leave on a trip home to check on DH's grandmother, I get to post a sneak peek of the kit to be released on August 1st, 2010.

Seriously, keep posted. I know I can be a bit boringly dramatic but that's what I get for having kids.

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