Friday, July 9, 2010

Thrown a Curve Ball per say

I'm really excited right now. This is probably why I can't sleep. DH announced last night that he is switching to more healthy eatting.He has noticed that every time he eats something that isn't very healthy he has started getting physically sick. That means the hamburger helpers, and frozen entrees that are high cal and fat are outta here for a while. He is even trying Diet coke and Zero Coke as an alternative to regular coke which is his replacement for cigerrettes and alcohol that he gave up almost 12 years ago when we found out we were expecting our first child. Can you tell I'm a proud wife? Oh, yeah, you know it.
Oh the look on his face when describing diet coke. I swear it had all of us, rolling in laughter.
Needless to say switching to healthy living from eatting crap isn't easy. Plus, if you don't follow the ads in the paper for what is on sale it can be kinda of expensive.

So, follow our journey on lean mean beings blog. Its gonna be a roller coaster ride.


Nicole LeBlanc said...

Here's to healthy eating...WTG!

jasjawillis said...

Coke Zero tastes MUCH better than Diet Coke! :) Good luck to him! :)

RunFloresRun said...

How's the clean eating going? Got your message from earlier today....guess what? I can text now!!! Whoo hoo!