Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prescott wishing fountain

A few weekends ago we drove up to escape the heat from the valley of the suns.

No there are not two suns where I live it just feels like it during the summer.
The temperatures get over 100 with humidity and you feel like you have stepped into hell on earth. Though the rest of the year fall, winter, and spring are lovely to be here. Its just summer that you feel you have hell on the earth. Enough with the hell fire and brimstone conversation. I will get plenty of that when we go home to the south for our two year visit. Sounds like a doctor's visit but it isn't. Its just the way it works out for us the last few years.

Back to this lovely fountain, we were walking around the town square, to discover this working and wishes being made. Did I get to make a wish? NO, the kids took all the change to make theirs.

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