Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scorpin Drama Production

So, after a long lazy weekend, we decided it was time to clean up. I do mean clean up, the clean clothes, make beds, scrub toilets etc.

In the middle of clean up, I realize a kids teddy bear was left in our room. I throw it down the hall toward their bedrooms.

The next thing I hear is a blood hurddling scream as if there were a poisonous snake in the house. Psst, loud noises can irriate an already irraited snake btw. So, I cautisiouly come out my bedroom to make sure a snake didn't get in the house over the weekend.

I hear more screaming into a cordless phone to their father.

kids: Daddy come home. there is a giant scorpin in the house. Momma's tryin' to kill it but it won't die. We're trapped in our rooms.

Daddy: I can't really talk because I'm at work. If mommy doesn't get it killed in the next few minutes call me back.

Kids: Daddy we're scared. Please come kill it. we don't want mama to get stung. It's hugh.

Daddy: Can mama come to the phone?

Kids: No, she can't she smackin the scorpin with her sandal.

Daddy: Okay, I will call at lunch unless I hear back from you.

fastforward to awhile after speaking with an aunt about how to remove a smooshed scorpin out of the carpet.

The dead scorpin received a proper toilet funeral. We normally don't kill them but this one was in the catagory of being dangerous..So, it had to be killed and given a proper funeral.

kids: Ni Nana! We had the biggest scorpin ever!

Nana: really? Mommy sent me a picture. It didn't look that big.

kids: nana we were trapped on a beds and couldn't get off until mommy dealt with it.

Nana: did it take very long?

kids: yes and no

Nana: Is mommy there so I can talk to her

kids: yup here she is.

Nana: how big was it?

me: about 2-3 ins. It would not have been poisonous but it was irriated at being thrown down a hall on a teddy bear. So, normally we would capture and release but this time...not happening.

nana: Well, you have had your drama for the day.

me: I don't need drama. I have kids. I got the really life soap opera going on up in here.

Nana: laughing hard on the phone, so true. i will talk to you later

me: bye nana

Lunch time:

DH: did you kill it?

me: yeah, it had a proper toilet burial cemeony too!

dh: how did you move it out of the carpet?

me: old broken sandpail and pizza box.

dh: okay that works

me: yeah..go back to work.

dh: okay love you..

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