Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music Review for Kids Music

Now that one of my kids is old enough to access the kid's own library account, we are getting music cd's in very often. I'd thought I would share with you what I have discovered about a couple.
The first song on the Now that's what I call music 34 is the only appropiate song for kids under the age of 15. Its the cleanest music lyrics I have heard in a long while.
The rest of them, I made them turn it off as the walked in teh room at teh end of listening to it. so, the majority of this album is for 15 and up catagory. Parents, please review the lyrics.
NOw, my kids are not teenages yet. Though, all this spring, I have heard Justin Bieber this and that. We have to get his cd PLEASE!! Etc..I am sure you are fimilar with the drill of the begging child show. The only song that I had a question about the lyrics was the usher duet song. I think its the second to last song. Though the hints on the song are not totally I wouldn't let my grandmother listen to this song, I still would advise skipping the song if your kids are under the age of 15. It does suggest somethings without being x-rate. I do appreciate the fact that Justin Bieber's mother is so involved in the songs. I like the fact that the majority of them are clean.
Where does this cd rank on my rating scale. Over all, it makes the A list with me.
Good Job to all!
Websites for the cds' listed abouve are on the label section.

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barb said...

I guess I don't worry about lyrics much. Looking back on the lyrics I listened to as a kid makes my hair stand on end parents were more clueless than I was I think.