Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Write Kit By Songbird Avenue Released today

I know i have been such a teaser this past month about the songbird stuff. I can't help it. It totally rocks. Here are some layouts with quickpages available by request only for you to look at.
This months pages were inspired by the free classes at two peas in a bucket, on scrapbooking with pattern paper, and card assignment. Scrapbooking using pattern paper to make things like accents and such. The card assignment was beginning repeditive with elements. As you can see on some of the layouts and quick page designs.
Brother Sister Posey -thanks to Athenna and Stephanie at Paranormal Haven for allowing me to use their children/nieces and nephews for this month's kit. Thanks ladies!!

This is so happy!!! I love this kids smile. Hey ladies give a great big hug from me to him. Will yeah?

This is quick page 21 if your interested in purchasing it. You just have to email songbird avenue to be able to purchase it.
This is quickpage 22, again, just email songbird avenue. they can get it set up for purchase.

ugs- is just to precious..look at the wonderful smiles..omg!! Bear Hugs-I love them. Wait a minute I forgot my bear back home while on hoo, I wait a minute. No, I didn't that's my dh who is asleep at the moment.

This is quick page 20 used for bear hugs. Again, just contact songbird avenue for details on how to purchase the quick pages.

This is quickpage 19. Again, contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

To cute-is just that just too cute

Twin love-okay are these just darling!?!

This quick page 18, again just contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

This quickpage 17, again, just contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

Peacefully sleeping..geez I wish I could crash like this...such a terriffic picture. Thanks, I got it anyways!

This is quickpage 15.

This is quickpage 16.
Pepsi lover- I just love this picture and layout...

Jayden and the marker..

This is quickpage 13.
This is quickpage 14.
This is A to G to J Style and Grace...the girls got it. what can I say...go girl
This is quick page 12 ..

This is quickpage 11.

Again, if you are interested in purchasing the quickpages shown here, then contact songbird avenue. They are not part of the regular store.

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Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE! Hehe, I love the one of Gabriel pretending to sleep. Great job. Thanks!

Stephanie G