Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Little Quackers bedtime sillies

Youngest: "Why do I have lay down first? How come i have to go to be 15 minutes early? It's not fair."

me: "Well, it is fair believe it or not. You may not get to stay up late like your older sibling but you do get two stories. When that child does not."

youngest:"I don't want the fairy book."

me:"then its no hugs til Friday and Mama's bayou."

Read stories said prayers..then lights out with giggles

Oldest: "Its not fair that I only get one story and the other gets two!" (add dramatic foot stomping and animal throwing on the bed at the same time)

me:"Well, you got to finish the show and the other child did not. I think that is more than fair."

oldest: "No, its not. I am going to pick the book we read."

me: "no you are not. neither did the other kid."

oldest: "not, fair. not fair. NO NO NO." (add a few more humphs and bumps).

me: "then I am leaving since you can not act your age and apparently need the same bed time as your sibling."

oldest: "do not!"

me: "yes, you do. you have to the count of one to decide."

Story read and tucked into bed with a stack of animals and me by the kids side..

oldest: "will you stay in here tonight with me. I need you."

A few hours later, I am getting kicked out of the kics bed while the said kid is having a dream. I get the kid to stop. Then a few minutes later more weird pushing and stuff. I take it as my cue to leave the kids side. A few minutes later. I have concissionly regrister, can I sleep in your bed. NO. Go back to your own bed. We will dicuss this in the morning.


jasjawillis said...

You are way too nice. :) We have "bedtime routine" posted on the mirror in the bathroom and nowhere on it does it say that Mom is going to lay in their bed with them! ;) Never never never! And there is no arguing about that bedtime routine either. Sara sets the timer and reads her book while Ava and Julie go to bed. Ava at 8, Julie at 8:30 and Sara at 9. :) You are so nice to listen to that mess, and be so sweet with your girls.

josh healy said...

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