Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, there is a different betweem..

boyshorts and hipsters underwear, for all sales people in department stores

This is a hipster. This sits up on your hips and is shorter in the leg bands. This is a type of boy shorts.The come up a bit higher off the hips, and longer leg bands on the legs. they are

Why are having a dicussion on underwear today? Well, I have to decided to get more comfortable underwear than the traditional bikini, brief or hi-cut style that is available. Wedgies after 30 years no matter the size sucks!
So, I was shopping for new under. Yes, Gennifer I finally found bra style that works, girl. They do have matching panties.
Now, for the sales people that told me they were the same. You lied!!! Hipsters gave me a wedgie and slip and slide off my me, if they slip and slide off my hips they aren't made great.
So, Jc Penny, Khol's, Target, Wal-mart, kmart, Old Navy, and Gap know the difference of your style please. Lying to make a sale isn't great escepially since people like me will let the world know what a difference there is.

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Gennifer said...

Yay! Underclothes make all the difference, I think! :)