Monday, August 9, 2010

Undead and unwed by Mary Janice Davidson

Undead and Unemployed by Mary Janice Davidson

The second book in her series undead and (___________) series, depending on the book you are on will depend on how you fill in the blank. The series is hysterical reading, which got the attention of my children and other passages on the airplane that was around. They periodically heard outbursts of muffled giggles coming from seat. My children wanted to the read the book without knowing what it was about. The simply wanted to giggle like mommy and get away with it in public.
So, Elizabeth Taylor, aka Betsy is now not just undead but unemployed as well. She is trying to resume a regular type life while dealing with the following things below.
A. Being queen of the dead and tied to Eric Sinclair the king
B. The fact that someone is trying to kill her new friends/family of the undead
C. The fact her family is still very much dysfunctional even more so now that they know she is a vampire.
I give this book the honor roll. I found this book hard to find in my regular library selection however in the honor paperback section, I found lots of good reads without having to worry about the due date of the book.

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