Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures ..Mississippi waterbottles and bows

This waterbottle I want. You want more information...go to Here is how I spent four and half hours on my oldest birthday. The bows are for all the girls that in the entire family. Can you say, bow wow bow?!? Three times fast..I still have to attach them to the clips folks..this is close to twenty-four bows I think or more..
This was a sunset in Mississippi. Pretty isn't it? I thought you might enjoy it.

This Layla aka Queen Sheba. This is my bil's cat that lives with my inlaws. She is the most friendly cat, I have ever met. She will sit by your feet even while you are getting a hair. No joke! If you walk outside even if you don't see her, she just suddenly appears. Love you Layla!!

These were flowers I saw out running /walking aren't they just beautiful!!

I had more interesting pictures but I forgot to watermark them. So, I am not able to upload at this time.

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