Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shawn White Snowboard Game

So, my Dh tried to be a sweetie last night. He got the Shaun white Snowboarding game for me. It is very similar to the ssx tricky snowboarding game expect the controller and game instructions didn't sink up together that great. It was difficult to get the character to jump, spin, or do any serious shredding on the slope. My Dh that it might be player related until he trield playing my character. He agreed that it was not sinking up. Luckily, he had bought it used so we can take it back to the game shop for an exchange.
Trust me, when I say that we love to play snowboarding games together. My first pregancy was spent in bed a lot. so, he and I would pass the time playing the playstation 2 ssx tricky games. We have them all including the blur for the wii. We don't like the wii version at all. They don't even make the ssx boarding game anymore. We are very familiar with the game controllers. No joke.
Would I recommend it? Not for someone just starting it out. I was advise this game is for either expert or meduim gamer.
Trust me, when I say we watch the snowboarding games during the oymplics.
Thanks honey! Its the thought that counts, and I do appreciate it.

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