Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day and summer solistice...

Wowerizer what a weekend..

Father's day was spread across Friday, Saturday, and sunday. Friday DH cashed a refund check we weren't expecting at all. Thus, his new..first let me give you the agreement we made 2 years ago. When we first moved to the desert, playstation 3 just came out. He wanted one bad like an kid wants a new action figure the day it comes out. We couldn't find a house we all agreed on and was in our price range. I said, if we buy a house here in teh desert, you can get the playstation 3 then and only. No house in the desert no play staion. He said it was a deal. so, he started with the new x-box but decided it wasn't what he wanted. He exchanged it for the playstation and all said games as well. Don't worry we buy our games at eb game or the other game shop were we can exchange games for new ones. Needless, to say, I let my DH play undisturbed all weekend.

Not to mention, this is summer solistice. A very high time in spirituality. Did I mention I am extremely sensitive to spiritual times of the year. I mean to the point, that if I don't do something positive about it then I get really grummpy. I have done stuff all weekend long. The next two days, we will be the same. Simply because i have to just enjoy the time.

I feel good but extremely tired.

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