Monday, June 14, 2010

What The.....Wake Up Call

It started at 1:00 am this morning when I realized one of my kids was still awake but now in our bed watching tv. I made that child turn the freakin tv off and go back to bed. Then around 4:45 am the other child joined said child in our bed, and began to wake my DH and I both up. First of all, the 4:45 am is my time to be up and working out. Secondly, you don't wake up mom and dad at that time if they are sleeping by arguing. It gives everyone a bad day. So, I sent my two off to their rooms. I heard that snicker, you thought I was going to be like the queen in Alice in Wonderland. Not!!

Even though I am up, I am not letting them out of their rooms. I am trying to get them to stay quiet.

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