Friday, June 4, 2010

A sigh of accomlishmet

After a week of sickness, cleaning, and occupying my two caged kids due to their allergies and own sickness. I can say, we made it happen. Not just getting the house basically back in order but reestablishing our family time.

I sit here alone while my family dreams of sweets and fun. To realize even though, it was a stressful adjustment from school to vacation. We made it.

Whoever shows at the door, I won't be ashamed to show them hospitality anymore. The house in the most part looks like scenes from southern living all nice clean and tidy there some that is the same but a little lived as well. That's okay, we have a family its suppose to be that way.

I can say that most of my list has been accomplished this week. I still have a few more areas to work on but it will not so overwhelming.


jasjawillis said...

That's awesome Sam! :)

I am really thinking I will have to get someone to come weekly and clean my house for me. There is just no way I can do it. Oh well . . .

I am proud of you Sam. I think you really have it together!

jasjawillis said...

Sam I am so proud of you!

I am thinking we may have to pay someone to come out and clean our house for us. Right now I am just taking too many classes and I just don't have the time.