Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The alpha of all headaches

After cleaning for over six hours yesterday, after being up for over 12 hours since 4 am with one child, adventures in guitar hero, I was slammed in the head, neck, and back with the alpha of all migraine headaches. As soon, as my DH got home from work, it was down the hatch with pain meds, antinausea meds, and a cool clothe over my eyes. At one point, I entertained my youngest by placing my glasses over the cool clothe to make it appear I was watching the same icarly eposide for the billionth time with the said child. The child squealed and laughed with joy but it didn't help the said headache. DH knew it was bad if I ask for a cool clothe for my eyes. He promptly got the kids to stop the scream whining, get them to their rooms or seperate televisions for me to do deep breathing excerises until the medicine kicked in. Yes, I got new migraine medicine from my new doctor. I have not yet gotten it filled. My headaches are from the sinus infection that currently is residing in my sinus cavaties all over my face and head. Once, said nasty snot is evicted I will be happy and well camper for the summer, until then I am prone to those alpha of migraine headaches. I slept over 12 hours and still feel the need to sleep.

Well, see how much I get done to do.
Library time
wal-mart for 10 gallons of water
clean the third bathroom, adult living area, have kids sweep the back porch off of flower petals
lots of reading
filling out and emailing a job application-done emailed to a friend to print off for me-everyone keep your fingers crossed


Bobo said...

Have you tried the Neilmed sinus rinse? If not, you should definitely try it. I never get sinus infections anymore. They sell it at that big "C" place.

mean mom productions said...

Hey bobo a cheaper version is the saline nasal spray. You can tip your head over to one side, do, switch sides and do again. It has the same effect. I just ran out of the nasal saline solution. We will be getting more this weekend.