Friday, June 4, 2010

Bret Michaels: Life as I know It

After Bret Michaels medical conditions hit the news, I started hearing about this show. Though, I heard it had been post poned until he was "back on his feet" again.
Well, I was menu surfing for stuff to record to watch later tater, ie when the kids are either asleep or occupied playing in their rooms while I either clean of fold the massive amounts of laundry that often happen with a family.

Things that I thought were great about the show.

1. Honesty-both parties Kristi and Bret.

2. The kids reaction to having Daddy go bye-bye for work-okay, tid bit a few years ago my Dh use to have travel either every week or every other week out of town. At that time, our kids were either babies/toddlers or toddlers. Thanks to 9/11 we could no longer go the airport to see him off at the gate which would make it a whole lot easier with kids but we were not allowed. So, the tearful heart wrenching, "Please don't go, daddy." We know all to well. Now, if it was relatively close road trip to a place that had stuff for the kids to do, we would often pack up the vechile do a road trip. Now, that they are in school, not some much but we still TRY.
Something, that I don't think was addressed appropiately. Though, I heard during the Rock of Love that often he does take the kids and Kristi with him. I think if the timing of the show could work out right then maybe they could show that as well. I think its important to show "how to make it work". currently, the show made me more thankful for what I have here and now with my DH.

3. Cutting the cheese moments with kids-hillirious makes me feel better about my kids being gasie as well. Trust me, you think adults can let the rip, wait until you have kids then you will all be looking at each other wondering who let it rip. Glad, they presented it as a part of life and not embrassing. Too many times, people get over heated about cutting the cheese. Thanks!

4.The spousal/family surprise-an early return. This is a positive thing because many spouses that bring home the bacon often pull this off to surprise their family. This a great how to moment. Job Well Done. Kuddos! My Dh use to call me, telling me he was out partying with a co-worker after a job was done, then I hear the lock on the door turn telling him that someone was the door I needed to call 911, he'd laugh and go gotcha, its me. Needless, to say I wanted to kiss and deck him at the same time. My Dh would be the dd for his co-workers if it required more than him at the location.

5.Timing a difficult conversation-I think this is something that every relationship has an incredible time in figuring when and how to communicate. I thought that Kristi communicated effectively her feelings. I wished Bret had actually stated that he heard her request and was thinking about it. I think it would have been more effective in reassuring Kristi emotionally but the fact Kristi picked up on the "I'm thinking about it" look speaks volumes to how in tune she is to their relationship as a couple and parents to their children. After reading Steve Harvey's book, think like a man but act like a lady last fall. I totally understand both Kristi and Bret's reaction. Psst, your children, their beautiful by the way!

6. The Sleeping on the couch spending time with scenerio- You couldn't peg most men any better. Try as they might, to be responsive and sensitive to their mates need to have time with, they often fall short by falling asleep on the couch or in a lazy boy. No worries, Kristi. This is an a typical response. I still get really ticked off at my DH for doing the same thing with me at times. I take a deep breath and think back to the times he does make an effort. To tell myself, "Give him a break he does bring home the bacon and doesn't really fuss to much about me not being able to find another job." I say, Hugs to Kristi for moral support. Hey, Bret find a television show series you two can watch either on demand or record or when the dvd series comes out then spend an "in house" date night. We often do and guess what it builds the relationship up.

7. Girl time- My DH needs to kind figure out that even though I stay at home and manage my time to do a few things for myself, once in awhile, I too need to go out for a girls night out or afternoon out.

8. The sugar rush crash- was a perfect scenerio of parenting. I have to admit that, I have to indulged my kids until they crash from the crash.

9. diabetes/borderline diabetes-I think this should be address more in the show. I know in the area I live in which is a few hours from Bret & Kristi have 10 families that have children or parents that have diabetes/borderline diabetes they are dealing with. It might be helpful for those families to hear Bret and Raine (I think I heard a news report say she was borderline diabetes, if I am wrong then tell me. I will edit the post). I know one of my kids teachers was told that she was borderline as well. It was very difficult for her while trying to teach and help raise her family to deal with. We had to adjust what treats we bought her when she got her diagnosis. We love you Mrs. H, my kiddo still wishes school was in session just to be in your class.

Overall, it was a good intro. I will probably try to catch more eposides when Bret gets back on his feet, again. Kristi lots of hugs and strength to right now.
Here's a link to vh1 where you can view the eposide if you missed your chance to watch it on the network.

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