Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given by Duane "Dog" Chapman

After watching the series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, for a few years. I heard he had book coming out called, " You can run but you can't hide". I read it and it gave me some prespective into my own life about the trials and tribulations that have come across my plate that I couldn't figure out why. Now, after two years since his first book, he has come out with Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given.Though, my Dh and I do not always agree about his show and tatics, my Dh doesn't stop me from reading the book. He was sorta shocked to learn tonight, that he had written a second book. He asked what I thought of it,but before I could answer we were inturpted by our own monkeys we call our children.

First if you haven't read the first book, you might want too. It gives a good look into what the "Dog" went through before he got to where he is now. Why he is the way is he is, and how Beth and he have a intensely loving relationship with not just themselves but the entire family. It reminds of a Toby Mac song entitled, "When Love is the House". Truly, I believe they live the sentiment of the song. If you are a parent, guardin, or a spouse struggling through very difficult times to the point that you feel like throwing in the towel and walking away as the "Dog" likes to say in his book. Then read this book. It will help you see that all things are possible. It may not be easy and may not be visible to you now. You can and will get through this. There are many sections of the book that I want to take the time to address but, alas, poor readers it would take too long type them all. So, I picked four that I thought would be the most important if you don't read the book yourself. Remember this just my personal view.

1. The title-it speaks volumes into what society itself has lost. The golden rule..treat others the way you want to be treated. Basically if you show mercy then mercy will be shown to you. God, this is going to be hard to explain later to myself if it blows up in my face. Okay, even though, I really don't want too. I know inviting a family for a group play date at the park is the right thing. The children are not to blame for the parents actions or words said, that has the children acting the way they do or treating others without mercy or respect. Someone has to do it, show them the entire family a positive role model. So, guess what I am going to send the invite even if it falls on deaf ears or worse I get more nasty rumors started about me or my kids. I have to be the better person no matter. Its not always about me its about others.

2. P172 Paragraphs 1-2 He talks about always being reminded and punished for a crime he has done the time for. This statement can be held for those of us that really didn't do a crime but are held accountable continually for mistakes we made in our past. I think we can relate to this "can you forgive me, now". Which most parents, guardins, or family members need to remember when dealing with other members of the family that truly have changed but are being accused of something that is not true. Look at the facts, unless the evidence says otherwise don't jump the gun to think that person is wrong. Ask for more information if need be. Unless, the evidence points that they are back to their old ways then hands off the situation and walk away. Its the only way to help that person. -Wish some of my past associates could see that I am not the same person I was long ago. I have found my way just not the way they thought I should go. Its a better way. Its God's way. remember how can we fix the system if we don't live the system-innocent until proven guilty.

3. P 174 "By listening, you showed me mercy, son." she'd say"-hello..hmm never had anyone tell me that. It really is sound advice. Hey, Dog, tell you mom thank you for that sound advice, I know I will be imparting those wise words of wisedom to my kids.

4. p. 275 "Of, couse, experience is born out of necessity, and I know that there's now way to gain it before its time. -blow my mind away even though I had mom that spoke words of wisedom, it was never presented to me like this before. I have heard other versions in songs, and in scripture but this is down right truthful with beating around the bush. Thank you.

Maybe, its due to my own personal journey that i am currently on to heal myself, to find the part of me that I let get lost in the shuffle, oh, so long ago. That, was able to find this tidbits of wisdom when most would say the book was full of itself.

Its not full of itself. Its just way for someone to find a way to a light when one can not find it by themselves. A light that is sometimes the only thing left for a person in that hour of need.

I know I will probably caught a lot of comments for this but I had to state the case for the book.


Casey Wright said...

I've so been wondering what he's been up to lately - I used to DVR his show - I'll have to check this one out :) Thanks for the review!

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I've read the first book and was going to pick up the second, but barnes and noble has it for my nook at $22.95 (e-book price, eek!)...
Will add to my wishlist, though.

I watch the show and when I've gotten people to watch the show, they're pleasantly surprised.

I like your take on this, though. Thanks! It's good to read this perspective! :)