Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sewing Day

Yesterday we had a trip to the park for about 20 minutes before it got way too hot to play. A trip to a store for more coca cola for their dad.

Yesterday, afternoon we spent it sewing. I mean sewing. I started teh double sided baby blankets for my friend. The kids made smaller pillow cases but then they got tired, so, I took over. Hopefully, I can get pictures up loaded for you to this post later to day.Stratch that I will upload to a different post.

I figured out why my machine was acting up the other day. Wrong thread. It was good thread company, but thickness and type was wrong. I found my all purpose and it worked fine. Expect when my kids pulled the thread completely out of the tension threading. Then it went back to what it was doing at first. So, at that point, I decide that after 6 hours, I had had enough. I had all summer to be sewing and messing with the tension. I set it back to 0. Turned it off. Took all thread out of the machine and put it up for the evening. Tomorrow will be my day for finishing the baby blanket. That's all we are doing. We have to cut out the pattern and fabric for baby doll clothes for over the weekend.

Next, week, fitting for pillow case dresses for them and my friend Robyn kid. Hi Robyn. Hope you are feeling better. Psst, hopefully we will see you at the library.

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