Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird Phone Call

So, I am laying in bed, I get this phone call. I answer it. There is a man very mad, accusing my kids of stuff at times of day to which I knew couldn't have happened. We were here at the house inside, or be attending activities with lots of witness that would say we were enjoying learning about a different culture. This particular person didn't understand, that he had the wrong number for the wrong family, and I don't take to threats very well. I hung up on the fella because I am not getting chewed out for someone elses kids.

My kids are not angels, though I'd like to think they are a gift from God. I will not deny my kids make mistakes as we all did in life as kids. Though, what this fella was indicating before i hung up was on the criminal intent. First of all, my kids are generally 99.9% of the time never unsupervised. There is someone with them even during a play date at other people's houses. This way there is no room for them to even think about doing something as indicated on the phone. Secondly, they know the consquences of what will happen if they do anything that requires the police being brought in. They don't like what they hear and they know we will follow through with the end result.

So, I called my Dh warned him of the impending trouble though, I didn't even know or recognized the voice of the fella. Does that tell you, how we mind our own business and keep the company wiht more civilized group of people. He tried to call that person back, number didn't go through. So, he said he would call and check on us tonight until he got home.

Needless, to say my guard is up over something I know for a fact because the evidence backs me up, that my kids are innocent.

To the family that has kids doing what this fella said. Stop being their friend and start being their parent.

Scary, I know but that's life in today's world.


Casey Wright said...

Yikes, that doesn't sound fun! Good luck with that!

sassygal said...

Sounds like a wrong number, probably given to him by some kid who doesn't want their parents to talk to him. Tell DH to tell him he has the wrong number and not to call back.

mean mom productions said...

Yeah that's what we kinda figured but people now a days have no self control. So, there is no telling what a person could do mad.