Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Case of the Mysterious Key

bring ring went the phone ealry this morning.

me: hello?

dh: I have your vechile keys in my pocket.

me: how'd they get there? I left them on the counter last night for our trip to the doctor's office.

dh: I don't know but I will try to get home in time to get you gals to the doctor's office. Wait, check to see if we still have a back up key.

me: hold on while check please.

dh: hurry, I need to get back to work.

me: hold on a sec, yup we got it. We're good. No worries. I love you bye now

dh: I love you too. I am glad we have a back up key.

A little later bring ring:

me: hay honey..

dh: please double check that it is the key to your vechile.

me: okay, yes honey we have the spare key here.

dh: okay, I'm headed to the next appointment with other client.

me: okay dear..

an hour or so later.. bring ring..

dh: what sam?!?

me: my keys are in my vechile. what key are you referring to?

dh: it looks like a toyota key. Well, we don't ahve toyota anymore.

me: Are you sure you didn't pick a co-worker's by mistake?

dh: are been there done that?

me: okay smartie then I can't help you.

dh: okay call me after the doctor's appointment.

the only thing I can think of is, that he accidentally got a neighbor's key while talking with them outside yesterday. You know how that goes, dropping things pickign them up. They just don't realize it.

So, is this a sign, or just a case of mixed up handlings? YOu be the guess of it.

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