Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No rest for Weary

Okay, so, many of you know I finally did something with my crafty side to try to earn money from home. Thank Goodness for friends and local schools in deseperate need of price breaks. I have some business.

My business end is sponsoring my friends run. My local school cheerleadering team hired me to do this year's bows for the team. Yeah right.

The kids get sick the week, I need to complete both accounts by Friday.Boo right?


After no sleep last night, I have a rule if you stay home from school, and we are up all night then we have rest time or rather nap time for mommy and rest time for kiddos. Did that work out this morning. Heckhum...NO!! The phone including cell phone rang three times while I tried to get rejuvinated for working on the cheerleading stuff this afternoon. The only good thing about running a very small business from home is that you can work from home still when the kids have basically either small touch of food poisoning or an allergic reaction to some food or both at the same time.

Think if the blessings that come from this in many ways!!

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