Friday, December 3, 2010

Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

They're back! Anita, Jean-Claude, Asher, Richard, Mich, wereleopards, wererats, and werewolfs. Vampire politics, to secret government agencies trying to recuit Anita, and to an understanding of oneself is part of this life adventure Anita has continiously going on. A spoiler..remember the oh so controled father figure Lt. Dolph from the local police. Read the book and find out what happens to him.
Here are my favorite parts of the book.
"Michah, I still have feelings for Richard, but he dumped me. He dumped me because I'm more comfortable with the mosters than he is. He dumped me because I'm more blood-thirsty for him. He dumped me because I'm not the person he wants me to be. I will never be the person he wants me to be."
"Richard will never be the person he wants himself to be," Micah said.
The world was what it was. And no amount of anger, or hatred, or self-loathing, or stubborn blindness would change that.
The hard emotional truths bothered me more than having intercourse with someone I wasn't in love wiht probably said something about how far down the well of moral decay I had fallen.
Jason's words came back to haunt me. That I hadn't really given myself completely to anyone. That I heald back something from everyone. I"d held back huge chuncks of myself from Nathaniel. More than any other men in my life, he was the one that I'd held back the most, because I didn't believe I was keeping him. Once the ardeur under control I wouldn't need a pomme de sang every day. Once I could fee the ardeur from a distance like Jean-Claude could, I'd stop using a pomme de sang. Wouldn't I?
Do we really give up ourselves to make our relationships work or do we hold a piece of ourselves back from the other to be sure we aren't totally destroyed when the unspoken expectation isn't meet.
"You have no scent, you aren't real, only a bad dream, and dreams have no power unless you give it to them. I give you nothing. Go back to where you came from. go back to the dark."
Oh boy could I have used this a few nights ago during bad dreams nights with kids.
p. 216-217
"I asked you to feed off me a few minutes ago, and you said not while the ardeur was riding me. Not while I was intoxicated."
I had to smil at the choice of words, because intoxicated was good description of the ardeur. Metaphysical liquor.
p. 229
Legends say the Amazons chopped off a breast to make them better at archery. I don't believe that. I think its just another example of men thinking a woman can't be a great warrior without cutting away her womanhood, symbolically, or otherwise. We can bbe great warriors; we just got to the pack the equipment a little differently.
p. 323
I believe in love, but I believed in evil, too. Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.

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