Friday, December 3, 2010

december 2nd

they girls watched the rest of Pipi longstock's christmas dvd. Then switched to Spongebob square pants. They also helped me move chairs around in order to vaccumm and mop the title floors.

I cut out applique letters for gifts. I spent the day with my friend Robyn her two younger children. We shopped at an outlet mall. I found a new way to discover christmas season. Through the eyes of children. Everything is a game, everything is unique and special. Everything is must see moment even if the adults fail to see the fun in it. Darth Vader is a comical evil villian. Gloves are gonna get you monsters. Toy stores are the land where dreams come true for kids.
Thanks Robyn for the afternoon of fun.

I made Butternut squash for the first time. My family didn't like .I loved it. Call me weird. I don't care. I just need a whole lot more squash to make it thick and creamy.

I discovered that the older the kids get in school. The less they remember that Christmas time isn't about stress factors but about being kind.

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