Monday, December 27, 2010

Please welcome...

Diamond our three month old chihuahua. She white with grey and brown spots. She loves to lay in your lap and snooze the time away.

Though having diamond is a joy and half..the pottying training is very frustrating. Since she arrived from Santa she has only made it four times on the paper in the house. Oh take her outside you say...well that's easier said than done. She isn't big enough for the xxs small collar we bought her and the tag it weighs her down. She gets her first set of shots tonight after my DH gets off from work.

She has had a shopping trip in a portable carrier and didn't know what to think. Well, our family is adjusting to having a puppy in the family but we all love this precious pup.

Pictures will be posted as soon as a I get some from DH.

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