Saturday, October 30, 2010

gutting pumpkins to roasting their seeds

Its Saturday night as I type this. Though you probably wont' be able to read it until sometime Monday, when I get to the local internet cafe to be able to post it.

Today was awesome. Seriously, it was. Not only did I get my favorite treat of banana nut muffin and a starbucks chai tea latte with peppermint shots and whip cream. My DH actually bought pumpkins for carving. After nine years of waiting for my Dh to feel the kids were old enough to help gut, sort seeds, and carve; he took the plunge.

So, after an all day affair of when are you going to the store yet or have you gone to the store yet; we started the process. He cut them open and the kiddos and I gutted them together. The seed sorting was all me. I had to show them how to do it.

Then we put a cup of water in each pumpkin put the lid on for carving tomorrow. I roasted my seeds in lightly sprayed butter (Thanks Robyn for your spray butter it was perfect!), salt and pepper for seasoning. I followed my friend Angie's instructions for roasting. They turned out beautifully roasted and great tasting.

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